Saturday, August 31, 2013

My current favorite acne scrubs!

Hi!  Today I would like to review My favorite acne scrubs. There are actually two that I use, one is for my face and the other is for my body and I have been using them for a couple weeks now and I love them so much that I wanted to talk about them here :)  Now to talk about what kind of skin I have, I have combination skin.  Some parts of my face can be a little dry, and other parts, specifically my t-zone can be oily.  Through out my teen years and up until my early twenties I never had a problem with acne.  The only time I would get a small blemish was around that time of the month.   However when I turned 24, I suddenly started to randomly break out.  I got pretty annoyed by it because I was so used to having clear skin so I started to look for some good products to clear up my skin again.   I started using some Neutrogena products, which worked ok as far as diminishing the break outs, but not preventing them.  Especially around that time of the month, it honestly would not stop the break outs at all at that time.  So after using a couple of the Neutrogena products I wanted to try something else from a different brand.  I started doing research (meaning google) trying to find what was good out there.  I stumbled across St. Ives.  I saw some pretty good reviews for both the apricot scrub, and the green tea scrub.  So I went out and gave them both a try.  I found that one works better for my face and the other works better for my back, chest and shoulders where I also get some mild acne.   So below are some pictures and descriptions of the products. 
I will start off with the Green tea scrub.  Its my favorite of the two and I use it on my face.  First off, I LOVE the smell.  It doesn't smell like green tea at all, it has a very fresh, sweet, fruity smell.  I actually prefer the smell of this over the apricot one, not that the apricot one smells bad, I just think this one smells better.   Anyways,  It has a light green color, as you can see from the picture, and the beads are so small you can barely see them.  They are very small but there are a lot of them, some people say they feel like sand, yes I agree they do but as long as you are rubbing gently like you are supposed to, it is not rough at all.  In fact this scrub is more gentle the some of the other scrubs I have tried, and especially more gentle then the apricot one.   I use this scrub once everyday, It does not dry out my skin at all, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean and the lovely smell lingers.  So after about 3 weeks of using this what are the results?  Clear skin!  I actually had my period while using this and I did not break out!  This product has amazed me, my skin has stayed clear, and if I do get a blemish, it is very small and hardly noticeable.  So as long as this product keeps working for me I will not buy another one, it has given me amazing results and is very affordable.  I got this for about 5 dollars at target.
Ok so now unto the Apricot scrub.  This scrub has a nice smell too but again in my opinion not as good as the green tea.  It actually does smell like apricot.  Honestly I feel like this one is a little too abrasive for my face.  So I like to use this one for my back, shoulders, and chest because I do tend to get some mild-moderate acne in those areas as well.  I feel like those areas do need something a little more abrasive then the green tea scrub so this is great for the body, but I don't use this one everyday.  I use it every other day and it works fine for me like that.  It also has 1% more salicylic acid then the green tea scrub.  So below are the pictures.  The pieces in it are a little bigger and rough compared to the green tea scrub, so you definitely have to be more careful with this one and very gently rub your skin with it.  Even on the bottle this is recommended to be used only 3-4 times a week, while the green tea scrub is recommended to be used daily.   This bottle is actually bigger then the green tea scrub but less expensive.  I found it at around 3-4 dollars at Walmart.

So those are my opinions on these products, they have worked well for me and I really like them.  However everybody is different, and although they work well for me doesn't mean they will work for everyone else.  So it depends on the person but I don't think it hurts to give them a try especially considering they are very affordable.  So that is all and I hope this was helpful :).

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Some of my favorite lip products!

Hello everyone!  I would like to review some of my favorite lip products.  When it comes to colors I tend to be picky because I have pale lips and a lot of lip colors look very pigmented on me so I am careful not to get colors that might look too bright or too dark on me.  I have some pictures and descriptions below!

I will start off with Revlon lip butters. I have 6 of these because I really like them.  They apply so smoothly and  I love the colors.  These don't last as long as a lipstick but I really don't mind because lipstick tends to be a little drying on my lips and these are nice and moisturizing. 

 I really love all of these but my least favorite is probably the Pink Lemonade because I'm not crazy about how it looks on me.  But the other ones like Crème Brulle is a nude natural color that looks great when I have dramatic eye makeup on,  and Sweet Tart is like a pretty hot pink that I really like for when I have natural eye make up and I want my lips to pop.  Peach Parfait actually appears a little darker on me then I have seen on others and especially darker then how Emma Stone wears it in the ad like it doesn't look like a peach color on but its still a nice wearable color and its the only one that I own that has some gold shimmer in it which is nice.  Juicy papaya is like an everyday one its not super pigmented but its a nice color, its like a soft orangy pink color.  And last but not least the Strawberry Shortcake, its a very pretty cool toned pink that I like to use for everyday.
Next is the Revlon Lip Balm Stains.  Now I only have two of these because I never see much of a color selection and I'm afraid that the other colors, unlike the two that I have might be a too little dark or bright on me.  But the two that I have I really like.  These really are long lasting like sometimes even after I have washed my face off I am still left with a little bit of the stain. They have a minty smell and give your lips a cool feeling.  
"Honey" and "Cherish" 

Next are Maybelline baby lips.  I like these for everyday, they go on smoothly and are great for moisturizing.  They offer nice pigmentation and they smell good but have no taste.  I have one of the neon colors and one of the original baby lips.  

                                                       "Strike a Rose" and "Peach Kiss"

This next one I actually only have one of because I just recently got it about a week ago but I seriously love the color that I got.  It is one of the Maybelline Color Whispers in "Lust for Blush".  It is one of my favorite pink colors because it is unlike the other pink ones that I have.  It is a natural and soft blush like pink.  Its not too bright or dark and its exactly the type of pink that I was looking for.  I may go and try some of the other colors because it is a very nice product, its actually reminds me a little bit of the lip butters.   It is smooth and moisturizing and the pigmentation is nice. 

The next ones I own are just for moisturizing.  They are the EOS lip balms.  I have two of these and I actually like to use them just when I'm at home at night before bed, or even under one of the other lip products because they are the best out of all of these lip products for moisturizing and I love that they are organic. They smell and taste great, and since they offer no color and very subtle shine I find that they are great for both men and women.  My two little boys love them since they tend to get chapped lips during the winter, and so does my husband.
                                                    "Sweet Mint" and "Summer Fruit"


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Favorite washable mascaras that hold a curl!

Hello there!  Today I would like to review 4 of my favorite drugstore mascaras.  Now, my lashes are bit difficult when holding a curl so for a while I was using only waterproof mascaras because they are the only ones that hold the curl exactly the way I curled them with my eyelash curler.  And yes, I always have to curl my lashes first because despite what the mascaras promise in terms of "curling the lashes", no mascara has ever curled mine.  My lashes are stick straight just like my hair!  So at first I was pretty happy when I found that waterproof mascaras hold the curls the best, but then in time I found myself getting tired of having to remove it every night.  No matter what makeup remover or even Vaseline I have tried, it still takes work to remove it.  Sometimes I just want to be able to wash my face off and go to bed! lol And some people say they use waterproof all the time and don't have trouble with loosing lashes, but that is not true for me.  I noticed I was loosing more lashes while using the waterproof.  So,  I decided to go on a quest to find a good drugstore mascara that can do at least a semi descent job at holding curls.  I noticed that dry formula mascaras usually do a better job at that so I searched for any good dry mascara and I found a few.  Below are some pictures of me with each mascara on and a brief description. 

Two quick Tips:  I tried something with these mascaras that actually helps with the curl.  What I do is as I am applying the mascara swiping the brush up from the root to the tip, I stop in the middle of my lashes with the brush pushing up the lashes and I hold it there for a few seconds. Then I continue and swipe up to the tip.   You can do this for each coat that you apply and for me it helps to lift my lashes and keep them a bit curled
Another tip is heating up your eyelash curler,  for me it helps to hold the curl a little better.
  1.  Almay Get Up and Grow
Now this one is my favorite out of the four.  I love that it has a pro-vitamin formula and helps to strengthen my lashes.  But not only that it also makes my lashes look great!  It is a dry but smooth formula that doesn't clump.  I am usually able to apply 2 coats of it without clumping.  It lengthens, thickens, separates, volumizes, AND does a descent job at holding my curl!  Now I will admit it doesn't hold the curl as good as the waterproof formulas, but it doesn't make them completely stick straight again.  So once I apply it my lashes I do loose a little bit of the curl, but not all of it.  Another thing I like is that it leaves my lashes feeling soft and flexible not hard and stiff.  The only thing I notice is that it can smudge a little when I sweat, but that's not a big deal to me because the pros of this mascara outweighs that one con.  So this mascara makes my happy :) Here is a picture of me with it on:

 2. Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions.

This is a newer mascara that I have been using but I am really loving it.  This mascara does an excellent job of volumizing,  lengthening and separating without clumping.  I can layer this baby on and my lashes will stay soft and lightweight.  It also does a descent job of holding my curl, and just like the Almay mascara it does make me loose some of the curl but not all of it.  I have not had any problems with this one smudging or flaking either.  This one definitely is coming close to my Almay mascara.
3.  Maybelline The Turbo Volum Express
This mascara I placed third because for me It is ones of those mascaras that work better over time.  When I first tried it, it was a little wet and would not hold my curl at all.  But I continued to use it and overtime I noticed the formula started to dry a little and it started to hold my curl better.  Once it did that it really made my lashes look nice.  It is great at volumizing, lengthening and doesn't clump.  My lashes stay soft and flexible and it stays put all day and does not flake or smudge.  This one I might use until it is done and probably wont re-purchase because I'm not crazy about having to wait for it to work for me and anyway the first two that I listed work great right from the start.  But for anyone who doesn't have a problem with lashes holding a curl then you should definitely give it a try, and if you are someone who does have that issue and don't mind waiting then go ahead and give it a try too :)

4. Maybelline the Falsies Flared
So this is not a bad mascara but it is my least favorite of the 4 for a couple of reasons.  Some of the things I like about it are that it does lengthen, volumize, and does a descent job of holding my curl.  However, it tends to clump easily so I feel like I can only put one coat of it because on the second coat it does clump.  Another thing that I am not crazy about is that it leaves my lashes feeling a little hard and brittle.  So if you don't mind those couple of cons then by all means give it a try because like I said its not a bad mascara but it does have some cons that I personally don't like and the other mascaras I listed here don't have those little cons.   
So I hope this helps anyone in general who is looking for a good mascara and especially for anyone who wants one that does a descent job of holding a curl.  So far I have found that these do the job well but I will always be on the look out for other ones that could be just as good or better :)

A Review of some of my favorite Elf products

Hello!  Today I wanted to do a review of some of my favorite Elf products, and will include one product that sadly I did not like :(  So below are some pictures of my favorites and descriptions.  Now these reviews are all my opinions I got these with my own money and am not being paid.  I like these products but I understand that others might not because everybody is different! :)

                                                            Elf Studio Powder Brush
I really love this brush it is only 3 dollars but it is really great.  I use it to apply my foundation and it applies it perfectly.  The brush is really soft and feels good on my skin and my foundation never looks streaky when using this.  I have washed it many times and It has not shed at all. 
Elf Lip Exfoliator
I have issues with my lips peeling and I try to use Vaseline or lip balms and it helps heel my lips but I notice the peeling skin remains.  This definitely helps to keep my lips soft and remove that dead peeling skin.  It is made with natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils.  It also has sugar which is what scrubs the lips.  The smell and taste of this is so sweet that you almost want to eat it!  It really works my lips no longer peel.  I use this just as directed.  After washing my face I apply this gently in a circular motion on my lips and then I wipe my lips off and apply my favorite lip balm (EOS) and that's all there is to it.  This product costs 3 dollars at Walmart or target.
Elf Lip lock pencil
This Lip lock pencil works great to help lipstick last longer, and not fade or bleed.  It fills in lines and helps the lip stick glide onto your lips more smoothly.  It like a wax it applies smoothly, its clear and light weight and you apply it like a lip liner.  This is also 3 dollars.
                                                              Elf Eyebrow Kit (dark)
I had used a hard pencil for my eyebrows before this and when I first used this I realized how much better it is then the pencil.  It works really great to fill in any spaces and define my eyebrows.  I got this in dark and it matches perfectly because although I have medium brown hair for some reason my eyebrows are darker then my hair.  The wax is good for filling in the spaces and the powder works great to soften them a bit so that my eyebrows don't have that "penciled" on look.  I also like that it comes with a little mirror in it.  Some people complain about the little brush it comes with, but honestly I like it, it works fine for me.  It will last me all day I have not had any problems with it smudging or anything so I really like it.  This also costs 3 dollars.
Elf Cream Eyeliner

I got this in the "Gunmetal" color.  It is a nice shimmery grey color I find that it looks great for a smoky eye look.  The only thing is that I find it a little hard to apply a thin line, its a little bit clumpy.  I really like the color and the texture and it will not smudge and lasts all day.  But sometimes it looks as if I am wearing eye shadow instead of an eyeliner.  I don't mind it too much,  So I use a different eyeliner to apply the thin line that I want and then I can add this on top like a shadow and it actually looks really great as a smoky eye.  This also costs 3 dollars.
Now unto the one product from Elf that I did not like:
  The Elf liquid eyeliner
I really wanted to like this but I just couldn't.  Applying is easy, The little brush allows to make a nice thin line and easy for that sexy cat eye look.  The black is also pretty intense.  BUT it does not last at all! With in a half hour of applying this, it already started to fade! With my finger I gently rubbed it, and it literally started to peel off!  I have never had an eyeliner do this to me.  This one only cost me a dollar, so at least I didn't waste a whole bunch of money, but still I was disappointed.
So there you go! I am a fan of Elf because they do have pretty descent products for really low prices, however as with any makeup company, not all of their products are good.  

A review of Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-1 foundation

Hello!  I wanted to do a review on my current favorite foundation.  I have tried a few different ones from Maybelline, Rimmel, Loreal, and Revlon.  Some of them were pretty good and some not so much.  Now I have tried my first Covergirl one and I have to say it is by far the best one I have ever owned.  I am actually not a huge fan of Covergirl, I would say the only other product I like from them is their Clump Crusher extension mascara which I also reviewed on here but other products I have tried from Covergirl I wasn't so crazy about.  But this foundation surprised me.  It is the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-1 foundation.  It has the lasting power of a primer, the coverage of a concealer, and the bendability of a foundation which is what interested me.  I have used this foundation for a little over a month now and I am in love with it!  Everything it claims is true!  I have never had people compliment me on how great my face looks like when I have this on.  Below are some pictures of the foundation and then a before and after picture of me without any makeup and then with the foundation on.  I only used the foundation I did not apply any primer or concealer.
I have the color Classic Ivory, at first it looks just a tad bit light on me but it seems to oxidize a little and then matches perfectly with my skin.  Since it does oxidize, I suggest getting a shade lighter then your skin tone.  The Pump is perfect, it dispenses just the right amount.  I have used this about 3-4 times a week for a little over a month now and it still looks like new so it is long lasting!

This foundation has a matte finish and it provides medium to full coverage. It leaves my face looking flawless and I don't need to use a lot of it to get the results I like.  I like to use my Elf studio blush brush to apply it, and I notice that it does dry quickly so you can't really take your time applying it because it will look cakey.  I have combination skin and I haven't had any problems with this accentuating any dry spots, and this definitely is great for oil control.  This will last me all day, I rarely ever have to touch it up again.  I can be out all day even in the heat and this will stay on and shine free.  I would say that about after 6-8 hours I will start to notice my nose looking a little bit shiny, but usually after so many hours by that time I am ready to wash off my face anyway.  When I have this on I have been told my skin looks flawless, porcelain, and even perfect!  This can be found at any drugstore around 12-13 dollars.  Well that is all!  If anyone has it or decided to buy it I hope you love it as much as I do!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Review of Covergirl's Clump Crusher Extensions lash blast

Hello!  I recently purchased a new mascara from Covergirl called the Clump Crusher Extensions Lash Blast.  I heard some good things about the original Clump Crusher but never got it because I was content with my Almay get up and grow.  But now they came out with this new one and I thought well Lets give it a try!  The original got great reviews so I figured this one might be better!  So this is what it looks like right out of the package:

The packaging is nice, not much different from the original and I love the color!
The brush has the plastic bristles which I must admit I have never been real fond of.  When applying I noticed the wand is very good at separating, however the bristles are hard and pointy and for me it hurt my upper lid just a tad when I was trying to get the roots of my lashes.  Its not a huge deal just have to be careful.  So Below are some pictures me with my lashes curled with no mascara, and then some pictures of me with the mascara.
Lashes curled no mascara:
One coat:
Two coats:
Three Coats:
So after 3 coats I stopped because my lashes started to look a little scary and tarantula like lol I normally wouldn't go as far as 3 coats because I am not one who likes to apply too many coats but I wanted to see how far it would go before it started to clump and I honestly could've gone to a forth coat without it clumping.  I think at the first and second coat it looked pretty nice and natural but if I want a more dramatic look I can easily apply more coats.  The formula is more of a dry one which I prefer because they tend to hold my curl better and my lashes are definitely difficult with holding a curl but as you can see this one does a descent job of holding it.  I have not experienced any flaking or smudging either.  Over all I really really enjoy this mascara, It really volumizes and lengthens.  I believe this is closer to giving me that false lash look then my Maybelline Falsies Flared is!  I am not sure how it compares to the original I actually read a review where they said that there is really no difference so maybe I will give the original a try one day and see how it compares because everybody has different opinions! 
This mascara can be found at any drugstore from around 8-9 dollars.  So I hope this reviews helps I definitely recommend it and hope everyone likes it as much as I did :)